Who is dave gahan dating

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We lived in Romford Road, Chigwell in Essex in a semi which is also where I was born."[1] (By the way - Dave shares his birthday with a national celebration day in Russia, and Russian fans created their own celebration called "Dave Day.") Dave's biological father left the family when Dave and his elder sister Susan Christine (born in 1960) were very young.

In the two years since we chatted with the Depeche Mode staple for our print magazine and sent Max Dax to record a video interview with him, Gahan has returned to the studio with UK songwriting duo Soulsavers to create a new album. The accompanying tour started on October 19 in Los Angeles. It’s midnight in Berlin, the autumn rain is falling, I’m sitting in my kitchen and the city is asleep. There’s a reason why I asked you about New York and Los Angeles: you’ve lived in American cities, but you were born and raised in England.That’s where he was stationed when Max Dax (who also recently spoke to Gahan’s Depeche Mode partner Martin Gore) gave him a call to look back at the past and reflect on how far he’s come. America has such a strong musical tradition, and it’s deeply rooted in Irish and the Scottish traditional ballads as well as the African-American heritage of the blues and gospel. I find blues and gospel—and let’s not forget jazz—very inspiring. In other words, you feel comfortable there, within your own four walls. When you’re working with your voice, it’s always very important to feel comfortable.Dave Gahan , whose real name is David Gahan, Depeche Mode, is one of the artists who year after year get the best covers in the specialized media.Well-known artist Dave Gahan was born on Wednesday 9th May 1962 as David Gahan, Depeche Mode and has been in the spotlight throughout 2013.

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