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That really colored my performance for the early episodes of this season. Drew Wu, thinks things are going to get nuts: “I think season four was big turning point. I do have a little bit more technique, more practice, and that’s exciting to work with as an actor, I get use new weapons and have new character traits, and it’s fun to see the character grow.I think he has come apart in the beginning of season five.” 4. The first three seasons were more of a warm up, with season four we started to hit people’s personal lives. And now season five it’s all turned upside down, man, and it’s going to be turned upside down even more.” 5. Jacqueline Toboni, who plays young Grimm Trubel, has only had small appearances in the season so far, but there’s more to come: “I come back wearing different clothes and you can tell something’s a little bit different about Trubel, she’s not that rag tag street kid any more. Now I get to take a new journey and you get to grow up with her.” 6. Sasha Roiz, who plays Captain Sean Renard, talked about the growing pains of his character: “I think he’s had more pains than most of the other characters, physical and otherwise, and he continues to evolve and change. Claire Coffee, who plays former Hexenbiest Adalind Shade gets to play nice for a change this season, for the most part: “Adalind is trying to figure out how to be a human, and how to have feelings and how to care for someone really, so it’s a totally different path."Keeping with Jewish tradition, Justin broke a glass after we kissed.

Family, union and love were the focal points of the ceremony.Tulloch: I found out about it way before it happened, I found out about it in March of 2015 because they know I’m friends with a lot of people on the crew, and I get a lot of information I shouldn’t technically have before it’s out there and I usually tell the rest of the cast, so the producers told me that an outline was going out detailing Juliette’s death, but I should not freak out and they told the plan going into season five.But we were going to have to sell it to the fans that I’m not coming back.We really just got lucky, the producers got lucky because it would have been tricky to explain why I was still in Portland seven months after getting written off the show, but it was easy because David and I were dating. If someone were to attack Eve she would just look at them and make their head explode.There are things I really miss about Juliette, I miss the camaraderie with the Scooby squad, how everyone had their own skill set to get things done but the Eve character’s really fun because she’s such a bad ass. Unless she wanted to, to mess with them a little bit before she makes their head explode. Most of the cast likes to keep busy during their summer breaks Bitsie: I did episode, so I kept busy. Being on a TV show is a huge blessing because as an actor you don’t always know when the next job is going to come so the fact that we have steady work for nine months out of the year? But one of the drawbacks is that you’re playing a character for so long you want that muscle to stretch, that acting muscle, you want to play as many characters as possible.

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