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Restoring the database files to their original location and restarting the application often resolves missing data problems. That one set contains unique user accounts, messages, calendar events, contacts, etc.

Multiple identities can reside side-by-side in the folder in the database folders.

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If you receive a message saying that there is a problem with the Office Database, or that your database is corrupted and needs to be rebuilt, you can do so fairly easily.Unless you are ready to fork out major money for luxurious lingerie like Agent Provocateur etc.Sadly enough, soft nylon tricot satin, rayon and such are not created in today's lingerie, and most made from China.Microsoft’s concept of an identity was to allow multiple users to be able to share one computer but switch to his or her own mail accounts and information.With the introduction of Mac OS X and user Accounts, the purpose for identities has greatly diminished.

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