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My husband and I snuck away for a no-kids weekend in Santa Fe this summer.

We were horrified to realize back in May, around the time of our 19th anniversary, we hadn’t been away together without the kids since I was pregnant with Declan, who’ll start eighth grade next month. My employer had exactly no experience with workplace romance at that time, and in fact I left the company over my unease at being its HR chief while dating a fellow employee. Accept it People meet romantic partners at work every day, and rather than rant or fume about it, a smart manager will accept that reality.

For years, Sara had gazed at him across the cafeteria with the faint idea of asking him out, but it had just never seemed scalable.

Until today.“Jared,” Sara began, with a quiver in her voice, “I just wanted to reach out and see if you had the capacity to connect with me over drinks tonight.”Jared did not facilitate a response immediately, and, as she waited, Sara began to wonder whether she’d dropped the ball on this entirely.

The causes and consequences are the subject of much debate.

But what is clear is that as more women have gained economic control over their lives, they need to switch modes when it comes to relationship dynamics.

Yet, when it comes to romantic relationships, we still struggle to make it happen in love. “Today’s women just don’t seem to understand you have to leave the office at the office,” says Maya Ezratti, a relationship coach and owner of Rewarding Relationships.

“But on my next date, I’m going to try.” Women have made huge strides in business.Here are 10 practical tips for managers and HR folks looking to do a better job dealing with the inevitable workplace pairings. Work is a wonderful place to meet a mate or a summer fling; after all, how better to observe a person and verify that he or she is not crazy, violent, or otherwise unsuitable than to watch him or her in action at work?You can’t stop people from being attracted to one another, so keep a level head and a sense of humor about the whole thing. Talk about it Managers ask for trouble when they establish a subtle or not-so-subtle cultural norm that tells employees not to discuss social or romantic topics in the office.I can’t believe this is actually about to tee off, she thought to herself.When Jared arrived, his shirt was slightly unbuttoned and his tie was loosened, revealing robust chest hair—a real game-changer.

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