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For example: a search for AT will bring At Work Computers, AT&T and so on; a search for L will bring L.

Search by vendor: Enter at least three alpha-numeric characters to match any part of vendor’s name. One- and two-character search strings are also accepted and will match only a whole part of vendor’s name.

Search by Ethernet MAC address, OUI, or Bluetooth device address: Enter complete MAC address or at least first six characters including all leading zeros.

For example: 00-16-68 or 00-16-68-2B-40-90 or :2B: or 0016682B4090 or .2B.40.90. Search by Fibre Channel WWN address: Enter complete WWN address including all leading zeros.

They have a surprisingly sharp sense of humor, with a grasp of sarcasm that is comparable to American girls.

has activated her Contact Filter The Contact Filter allows members to set certain criteria as being essential to their search.

If another member does not meet these criteria - for example location or age - then they will be unable to contact the member who has activated their Contact Filter.

Polish women made me want to be a provider—a strong man who could maintain a home and take care of her financially.

Polish women prove that it’s possible for a woman to be both intelligent and feminine, and that the two terms aren’t mutually exclusive like I thought when living in Washington DC.

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