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One of the top dating tips for women is ensuring that you are exclusively the hottest woman in the room. As mentioned earlier, ladies, it's the 21st-century, and the dating scene has changed since our mothers (and grandmothers) were hunting for their men.

And, because times have changed, so have dating tips for women and our approach towards reeling in the male species. While it's a common sense that a man's brain will usually take that statement and turn it around to "please, don't tease," truth be told, unless he's just in it for the night, he actually wants you to say no the first or second time that you go on a date (yes, in the bedroom).

Here is a chance for women to peek into how a man may realize he's falling in love with you.

The initial Phantom 3 launch, which included both a Professional and Advanced version of the drone, was a mere four months ago.

Time to get out there, date away, and look RED HOT doing it!

If you're looking for a relationship, the tricks and tips aren't just for the men anymore. As strong, independent, and beautiful women, we have the ability to dominate the dating scene just as well, if not better, than men.

Additionally, you want to be the most beautiful, attractive, and fun-loving woman in the room, don’t you?

So, why would you bring your own competition with you?

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