Dating advice for seniors

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These are all legitimate concerns and it’s prudent to be cautious, but at a certain point it is your parent’s decision and should be respected.

In terms of etiquette, we encourage you to focus on your parent’s happiness and on keeping a positive tone to your relationship.

And much as we’d like to believe otherwise, beauty is an objective, mathematically identifiable fact.

Men worldwide value a woman with smooth and clear skin, good teeth, symmetrical features—and a waist about 30% smaller than her hips.

In fact, the hot waist-hip ratio is a constant across the globe at all discernable points in history in art, porn, and even in modern studies where men circle the silhouette they find most appealing.

Men don’t consciously think, “Oh, would you look at those fantastic child-bearing hips! ” But women with the 7/10ths ratio are the most fertile; and as we move away from it, we also leave youth, health and fertility behind.

Studies show that men are more apt to remarry than women.

Senior romances and weddings of those in their eighties and nineties aren’t unusual.

Unfortunately, oso even older men continue pursuit of The Young And The Breasted, even if they don’t want more kids, have a vasectomy, or would be embarrassed if/when mistaken for their date’s dad. Here’s how you can improve the senior dating and remarriage odds in 6 easy steps: 1. We’ve all met him/her: The Gorgeous One who appears amazing but as soon as the mouth opens, reveals an appalling poverty of soul.

Online dating is not a new idea for women over 50 anymore.

More and more older women come to the online dating sites looking for their possible matches and dates.

Wives usually outlive their husbands, and no one seems to want a woman (read: old) who cannot fulfill her “duty” of looking hot and having children. This just depresses me more the more I age, even though I’m happily married.

So my question is: How much hope exists for the post-menopausal woman to find another marriage partner after being widowed?

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