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Although it was meant to be about the “beef of two hard-as-nails Shebrews from Scarsdale,” the epic “JAP Battle”—short for Jewish American Princess, a stereotype of a bitchy, spoiled, gold-digging Jewish woman—that aired during the first season of CW’s musical comedy was much more than just a throwdown between lead character Rebecca (played by series co-creator Rachel Bloom) and her long-time rival Audra (Rachel Grate).

For me, a naturally curly-haired woman of Ashkenazi descent with a strong dislike for being told “no,” it represented a turning tide in the way the Jewish woman is depicted onscreen.

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Let’s face it – with raging anti-Semitism around the world, Jewish people have been subjected to stereotypes for ages. The following are the worst offenders that should be the first to disappear.

The Hooked Nose and Dark Hair In cartoons and satires, Jews are typically drawn with long hooked noses, large lips and curly dark hair.

35-39 (continue if you have all your own hair)_____ 4. Bearing chapter titles "Bread with Everything" and "Making Guilt Work" we howled as Dad read aloud from the '64 classic.

There's big controversy on the Jewish view of when life begins.

Strict physical categorization of a certain culture is not only offensive, it’s just flat-out wrong.

In fact, stereotypes of Jewish appearances have actually changed over time.

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