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) seem to open a new door for invalidating method patents.After the Alice based rejection, this case seems to be a good candidate capable of setting up a new wave that might kill numerous method patents.A flush will occur automatically as soon as the system is idle if there are invalidated computations.You can also use , then when the outer call stops or reruns, the inner call will stop automatically.In our project we have a Facebook style wall with posts and status updates.As this is a very interactive part of an app it should be refreshed quite often.In order to keep the authenticated state and track the users progress within the web application, applications provide users with a session identifier (session ID or token) that is assigned at session creation time, and is shared and exchanged by the user and the web application for the duration of the session (it is sent on every HTTP request). With the goal of implementing secure session IDs, the generation of identifiers (IDs or tokens) must meet the following properties: The name used by the session ID should not be extremely descriptive nor offer unnecessary details about the purpose and meaning of the ID. Therefore, the session ID name can disclose the technologies and programming languages used by the web application.

A change to a data dependency does not cause an immediate rerun, but rather “invalidates” the computation, causing it to rerun the next time a flush occurs.NOTE: The session ID length of 128 bits is provided as a reference based on the assumptions made on the next section "Session ID Entropy".However, this number should not be considered as an absolute minimum value, as other implementation factors might influence its strength.You could use notifications but that would not be the cleanest solution.For some reasons you cannot or may not want to use view disappear events. Clearly it does not cover all edge cases and possible solutions to the problem.

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